I’m still working through my Love at First Stitch book, and the next project I was going to tackle was the Delphine skirt. I found myself some really cute red cotton denim on eBay and set about creating my skirt. As usual, I had to cut two different sizes in order to fit my strange proportions, but in hindsight, I think I would have scaled both sizes up one, as the skirt came out a bit tight in the end. I have to wear it much higher on my waist than I would have liked, and it is still a bit on the snug side. It creases like hell too.

I have yet to attempt an invisible zip, because I have yet to master putting in a regular zip. I have trouble every single time, zips are my nemesis. But aside from the usual zip troubles and a little bit of twisting on the waistband, I am quite happy with my Delphine skirt. I just wish it was either a bit bigger, or I was a bit smaller, preferably. I even made the bow belt from Tilly’s book too, which I thought looked super cute with my skirt.



It isn’t the most flattering garment, but I will definitely wear it. Look how high I have to wear it though! Chubster.

Next up was the Megan dress.


I was excited to make this one because I love the shape of it. It has a cute vintage feel to it, and I love the idea of doing colour blocking for the bodice and the skirt as well, which I might try in the future. I happened upon some awesome fabric in the Frumble sale, called Rocket Scientist Spaceship Flight. It is possibly the cutest fabric I have ever seen, and I’m actually tempted to buy another couple of metres of it to make something else.


It actually really reminds me of Tomorrowland in Disney World, Florida, with its colour palette, and with its vintage ‘vision of the future’ kind of look. So, it has become known as my Tomorrowland dress, and I really wanted to get it finished before I go to Orlando in May. Yeah, baby. It’s Floriday time again!


I am SO PLEASED with how this dress turned out. As soon as I woke up this morning I felt excited that I could wear my new dress to work, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that about any piece of clothing before. The fit is nice (not too loose, but not too clingy), and I feel like the shape really suits me. The sleeves were much easier than I expected too, I think Tilly’s instructions are so clear and easy to follow. She gives some great tips in this book.


I am short and chubby, with big hips, so this dress goes in at all the right places for me, and out at all the right places. I will definitely make another version of this dress, in fact, I have been scouting out some more fabric today. I have my eye on the new Spellbound range at the Village Haberdashery, which isn’t on sale until later this month or early May. They have a print of tiny mummies in bandages, one with magic potions on it and one of a haunted forest. What’s not to love about all those? I can see an expensive online shopping trip in my future…

The only thing that went a bit wrong with this dress is the zip. Quelle surprise. I always thought I had bulky shoulders, but since I started making my own clothes I’ve realised I have a really narrow measurement across my shoulders. Like, really narrow. With this dress I tried tapering it where the zip goes in, so it was narrower at the top, but this has caused the zip to lie a bit strangely, like I have a bit of a hunchback! I think next time I make this I will draft the bodice patterns again and add some darts across the back shoulders instead. It means adjusting my facing too, but I think that’s the way to go. I still haven’t had the courage to attempt an invisible zip, opting for a regular one again. Maybe one day…

To top off my sense of triumph at managing to make a cute dress that fits, with gathered sleeves and everything, I put a photo of my dress on Instagram and Tilly – Goddess of Sewing, liked it. Excuse me while I flail in a corner for a few hours.

So, for my next project, do I remake the Delphine or Megan (I already have fabric and a zip for another Megan), or do I attempt the Clemence skirt which is gorgeous, but looks like it’ll be made mainly of gathering and tears?